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The Overture August 21-27

The image is a collage of three black and white images. The first image is of a person playing guitar and singing into a microphone on a stage with colorful lights in the background. The second image is of a person wearing a jacket and a hat, standing in front of a brick wall. The third image is of two people standing in front of a building with a palm tree in the background.
Moose a Palooza Bands Dirty Feathers, Tractor Kings and Menthol

The Overture is a rundown of live music and performances happening in and around Champaign-Urbana each week. All of the information is as accurate as we can publish; however, all shows and performances are subject to change at any time. Thank you for understanding.

Did we miss something this week? Have a show coming up you think we should know about? Email us at [email protected] with the details.

Monday, August 21st

Peter Tijerina Nonet

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5:30 p.m.

Head to the Rose Bowl Tavern for a happy hour of jazz as the ten-piece ensemble Peter Tijerina Nonet takes the stage, showcasing a rich variety of jazz styles ranging from early to modern.

The Urbana Hootenanny

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 8 p.m.

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Tuesday, August 22nd

The image you sent is a photo of a person holding a red acoustic guitar. The person is wearing a beige hoodie and a red beanie, and is standing in front of a gray wall with vertical siding
Larry Gates on Facebook

Larry Gates Presents Three Song Monte

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Larry Gates Presents: 3 Song Monte is an interactive experience where the setlist is in your hands! With a file box full of categorized songs ranging from eras like the 50s and 80s to artists like Prince and Amy Winehouse, or even abstract themes like the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, audience members can volunteer to choose the night’s tunes by picking a face-down playing card and tipping a couple of bucks. Dive into the fun of this unique show, where three songs from the selected category will be played, rinse, and repeat, ensuring a night of musical surprises and never the same show twice!

Thursday, August 24th

The image you sent is a split image of two people playing guitars. On the left side of the image, which is in black and white, there is a person playing an acoustic guitar. On the right side of the image, which is in color, there is a person playing an electric guitar and sitting on a couch with a cat on the armrest. The background on the right side of the image shows a living room with a lamp and a plant.
Liliana Asta on Instagram and Kenna Mae on Bandcamp

Americana Happy Hour featuring Kenna Mae’s Birthday Bash with special guests Liliana Asta

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Kenna Mae’s birthday extravaganza takes over Rose Bowl for happy hour. Music and merriment will be abound. Come out and celebrate the birthday of one of C-U’s favorite musical people. 

a black and white photo of a person sitting in a room with a plant in a pot on the left side of the image. The person is resting their head on their arms which are crossed in front of them. The background consists of a wall with a window and a curtain.
Official Claire on Instagram

Editor’s Pick: Official Claire with Anika Emily and Jules Rose

Rose Bowl Tavern // $15 Suggested Cover // 8 p.m.

Official Claire, a brand new artist from Chicago known for her lyrical confessions and gritty guitar work, returns to Rose Bowl Tavern on Thursday, joined by Anika Emily and Jules Rose. With a $15 suggested cover, you won’t want to miss a night of original music, including a performance of her upcoming single “You Underestimate Me.”

Jazz in the Park

Morrisey Park // Free // 6 p.m.

Champaign Park District’s Jazz in the Park continues with the Vine Street Syncopators. Known for playing New Orleans-style jazz and swing, this band will get you dancing in the grass. 

Friday, August 25th

Jim Pryor Quartet

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Jim Pryor, the award-winning pianist is hitting the Rose Bowl for happy hour on Friday with a team of accomplished musicians. A happy hour night filled with jazz classics is on tap. 

a photo-realistic image of a band performing on a stage in a dark venue. The stage is lit with blue and white lights, and the band members are playing a keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar. There is a person in the foreground with their hands up, likely enjoying the performance. The background consists of a black curtain and several round logos with “KING’S” written on them, which are white with a green border and a crown on top.
Birds of a Feather on Facebook

Birds of a Feather

Rose Bowl Tavern // $10 advance – $15 door // 8 p.m.

Get ready to jam with Birds of a Feather, a tribute band dedicated to celebrating the iconic sound and improvisational style of Phish. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the scene, don’t miss this chance to relive the Phish experience at Rose Bowl Tavern.

Friday Night Live

Downtown Champaign // Free // 6 p.m.

Enjoy downtown Champaign every Friday from June through August for 40 North’s Friday Night LIVE, a free public performance series. Experience a diverse mix of music genres like bluegrass, jazz, folk, soul, rock, country, and blues, along with unique street performances and weekly kids’ activities, all thanks to the generosity of Pour Bros. Craft Taproom, Busey Bank, the City of Champaign, and the support of Champaign Center Partnership. Check their Facebook page for lineups close to the day of the event.

Friday Night Jam Session

Champaign Public Library – Douglass Branch // Free // 6 p.m.

The Friday Night Jam Sessions at Champaign Public Library are a beloved local tradition. Musicians of all skill levels are invited to bring their instruments and join in, creating a unique and communal musical experience.

The image is a photo-realistic image of a person playing a saxophone. The person is wearing a checkered shirt and a necklace, and is holding the golden-colored saxophone with both hands. The background is black with a spotlight shining on the person.
Goio Lima on Facebook

Goio Lima

Jazz Up Front (Bloomington) // $10 Cover // 8 p.m.

Goio Lima, a seasoned musician with over thirty years of experience in performance, production, and education, will bring his diverse musical talents to the stage. Known for his woodwind mastery across genres from Jazz to Pop, Salsa to Samba, and especially Brazilian instrumental music, and as the creator and conductor of the Popular Orchestra of the Cerrado and Araxa Popular Orchestra, his performance promises an eclectic blend of sounds and styles.

Saturday, August 26th

The image is a photo of a jazz band performing on a stage in a dimly lit bar. The stage is decorated with a red curtain and a black banner with “Jazz Up Front” written on it in white letters. The band members are playing various instruments such as a keyboard, drums, saxophone, and guitar, and there are music stands with sheet music in front of them. The foreground consists of empty bar stools and tables.
Jive Bag on Facebook

Rose Bowl After Mark Market Series Presents Jive Bag

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // noon

Get ready to groove with Jive Bag at the Rose Bowl Aftermarket Series, where they’ll be serving up their New Orleans-influenced funk and contemporary jazz. With an all-star lineup including instruments like tenor saxophone, guitar, Hammond organ, and more, their feel-good and exciting music will keep you dancing midday to original compositions and familiar tunes.

Jose Agusti

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 3 p.m.

Jose Agusti melds retro and contemporary Americana, complemented by a touch of pop, perfect music for a Saturday afternoon on the Rose Bowl Tavern patio.

4 members of Kilborn Alley Blues Band performing onstage with a purple backdrop.
Kilborn Alley Blues Band on Facebook

Kilborn Alley Blues Band

Rose Bowl Tavern // $10 advance – $15 door // 8 p.m.

Get ready for a night filled with tasty blues licks and southern soul, as Kilborn Alley is here to ensure you’re in for a great time. Don’t miss out on the energy and authentic flair they bring to every performance.

The image is a black and white photo of three people standing in a dark alley. The person in the center is wearing a suit and tie, while the other two are wearing jackets. The background consists of a concrete wall and a puddle on the ground. The photo has a dark and moody tone.
Terminus Victor on Facebook

Terminus Victor with Something is Waiting and The Vaudevillians

The Space // $10 advance // 8 p.m.

Champaign’s own Terminus Victor is headlining The Space, bringing their unique blend of rock, alternative rock, and post-punk, described as an “electro-rockomatic-neo-inferno.” Joining them are Something is Waiting and The Vaudevillians, making it a night filled with delectable energy and excitement you won’t want to miss!

The image is a photo of a person playing an electric guitar in an outdoor setting. The person is wearing a black t-shirt and has a tattoo on their left arm. The guitar is black and white with a silver neck, and the person is also wearing earphones and singing into a microphone. The background consists of a grassy area with trees and a building in the distance.
TyJon Charlie on Facebook

TyJon Charlie

Pour Bros. Craft Taproom // free // 8 p.m.

Catch TyJon Charlie, the energetic lead singer and songwriter of The Unemployed Architects, as he brings his infectious music and relatable narratives to the stage. With over 5 years of high-voltage performances and a unique writing style, TyJon’s show promises to connect with fans and newcomers alike through his passion-fueled music.

This is a photo realistic image of a musician playing guitar and singing into a microphone on a stage. The musician is wearing a cowboy hat and a black jacket, and is playing a guitar with a blue strap. The microphone is on a stand in front of the musician. The background is dark with stage lighting.
Chicago Farmer on Facebook

Chicago Farmer And The Fieldnotes With The Nathan Taylor Band

The Castle Theatre // free // 7 p.m.

Join us for a special evening with CHICAGO FARMER AND THE FIELDNOTES at Saturdays on the Square, located on the Museum Square in Downtown Bloomington (200 N. Main St.), on August 26th, with an opening act by the Nathan Taylor Band. The event kicks off at 6 PM, with music starting at 7 PM, offering a FREE and family-friendly experience for all ages. Grab a drink if you’re over 21, and savor the flavors from onsite food trucks while enjoying the tunes.

Sunday, August 27th

The image is a poster for an event called “Moose-A-Palooza” with a blurred face in the background. The poster is predominantly orange with black text, which reads “Moose-A-Palooza”, “August 27 (Miracle)”, “Live Music”, “Beer”, and “Rose Bowl Tavern, Urbana”. The background is a photo of a person wearing a gray hoodie.
Moose a Palooza on Facebook

Editor’s Pick: Moose-a-Palooza

Rose Bowl Tavern // Donations Accepted All Day Long // 2 p.m.

Get ready for Moose-a-Palooza, a rocking benefit event for Pi Omega Omega President, Barney Joyce aka Moose, on August 27th at Rose Bowl Tavern. From 2:00pm to 10:00pm, the venue will be alive with musical performances from a plethora of local acts, showing how much Barney has touched the music scene and the CU community. Here is the lineup:

2 – 3 p.m. DJ PBR
3 – 3:30 p.m. The Auctions
4 – 4:30 p.m. Bristle
5 – 5:30 p.m. Mid Nite Leg
6 – 6:30 p.m. Redleg
6:30 – 7:30 p.m. DJ PBR
7:30-8 p.m. Take Care (inside stage)
8-8:30 p.m. Burnt Trees
8:30-9 p.m. Menthol* (inside stage)
9-9:30 p.m. Tractor Kings
9:30-10 p.m. The Dirty Feathers (inside stage)
*1st show in 15 YEARS! 

There’s food, an auction, and more ways to help; come prepared to rock out and empty your pockets, as all proceeds will go towards Moose’s long-term care. More info and Venmo details are on the way, so stay tuned to the event’s Facebook page for more information.

The image is a photo of a singer performing on stage in front of a crowd. The singer is wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants, holding a microphone and reaching out to the crowd, who are reaching back towards the singer. The background is dark, but you can see stage lights.
Rick Springfield on Facebook

Rick Springfield’s I Want My 80s Tour With Paul Young And Tommy Tutone

Devon Lakeshore Ampitheater // $8 to $85 // 7 p.m.

Get ready to rock down memory lane with Rick Springfield’s I Want My 80s Music Tour in Decatur, featuring special guests Paul Young and Tommy Tutone. Dive into a night filled with Springfield’s finest power-pop hits of the ’80s, including “Jessie’s Girl,” “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” and more, all from the artist who refuses to be “a total nostalgia act.” Just be careful not to hang those platinum albums on your walls, because like Springfield says, that’s just looking back – but hey, isn’t that what a good nostalgia show is all about?

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