Smile Politely

The Overture: April 26 – May 2

WHAT: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

WHEN: Thursday, April 29th at 10:30 p.m.

WHERE: Krannert Center Stage 5 (free)

Margot make their return after somewhat of a trainwreck last time they were in town (if you don’t know what happened, ask a friend). Slightly overpriced cocktails from the Krannert Lobby Bar and one of those insane chili-bread bowl things recommended for the full Krannert experience. We hear all 7+ band members will be there this time, and if only three wind up showing again, at least it’s free.


WHAT: The Life and Times, Sweet Cobra, Steeleater

WHEN: Thursday, April 29th at 10:00 p.m.

WHERE: Cowboy Monkey ($7)

Missing that earsplitting headache you got from your last Hum show? Then this is where you want to be Thursday night. The Life and Times have a well-deserved reputation as one of the loudest bands in the country (I’m pretty sure I heard some of their Pygmalion set at Mike ‘n Molly’s last year from the Canopy Club beer garden) with songs to match. It’s no coincidence that they have a bona-fide space rock classic to their name in Suburban Hymns.


WHAT: Daytrotter Barnstormer III Tour with Ra Ra Riot, Delta Spirit, Nathaniel Rateliff, Free Energy, Pearly Gate Music

WHEN: Friday, April 30th at 6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Kalyx Center ($10)

Ra Ra Riot return to the area yet again, and this time they’ve brought some friends along. I won’t harp on too much about this since we’ve got more in-depth coverage coming later this week, but suffice to say, it’s gonna be awesome. Mostly because it’s in a damn barn. Who wouldn’t want to see a show in a barn?

WHAT: Electric Six

WHEN: Friday, April 30th at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: UIUC Main Quad (free)

If you can’t make it to Barnstormer (or don’t want to go), this seems like a pretty great alternative. You get to hear modern classics such as “Gay Bar”, “Danger! High Voltage” and “Naked Pictures of Your Mother” for a grand total of zero dollars. Plus, there are going to be some hilariously confused people wandering by the show. Who knows, it might even surpass Jet W. Lee’s set at the cover-up.


WHAT: Kilborn Alley, Mary Lane, Gerry Hundt

WHEN: Friday, April 30th at 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Iron Post ($10)

Kilborn Alley have built quite a following in the last ten years, and they’ll celebrate it Friday night at what is arguably their home venue — The Iron Post. Expect some incredible blues and an alarming amount of dancing, even in the cramped confines of the Post. You might even see Paul Wirth smile. Gerry Hundt and Mary Lane (no, not the one from Reefer Madness) kick things off at nine. Get there early — this one will sell out, guaranteed.


WHAT: Wide World of Urbana Community Concert with Zach May and the Maps, MEANS New Music Ensemble, C-U Swedish Folk Ensemble

WHEN: Saturday, May 1st at 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Independent Media Center (free)

As it turns out, the city of Urbana actually has something called an arts grant, and it paid for this, a free show on Saturday afternoon. Sounds like as good a reason as any to make the dreaded trek to downtown Urbana. The MEANS ensemble will be performing pieces by local classical composers, and Zach May and the Maps bring some serious heat live, so get out and enjoy some music on the city’s dime.



5/6 – Santah CD release show with Dr. Manhattan, Grandkids, LEGTWO @ Canopy Club — After three years reigning over the local rock scene, Santah finally release their debut full-length entitled White Noise Bed. Dr. Manhattan have built up a sizeable following in the area via their infectious live show, and Grandkids and LEGTWO will kick things off.

5/7 – Cycling for Cancer Benefit with Positive Vibr8tions, White Rabbit, Famicom and Mickey Karbal @ Cowboy Monkey — UIUC student Shea Campbell is biking from Los Angeles to New York to raise money for Cancer Research America and Camp Kesem. In addition to giving money to an awesome cause, you’ll be able to dance until you drop.

5/9 – Wither and Bloom, Thrash Zombie, Steeleater @ The Phoenix — Heavy metal? Sign me up. The Phoenix is one of the better dive bars in town, so in other words, the perfect place for this show.


LOOKING AHEAD (new additions in bold):



Canopy Club – Third Eye Blind, The Upwelling (7 p.m. $25 Adv)



Iron Post – Parkland Jazz Improv Class (5:30 p.m., $2)


Canopy Club – Hairbangers Ball (8 p.m. $5)

Cowboy Monkey – The Life and Times, Sweet Cobra, Steeleater (10 p.m., $7 Adv)

Highdive – Paul Thorn, Fred Eaglesmith (7 p.m., $18 advance)

Iron Post – U of I Classic Brass (7 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – CASA Benefit with Street-Level Doppler, The Beeson Brothers, Mertz, DJ Belly (7 p.m., $5)

Krannert Center – Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s (10 p.m., Free)


Canopy Club – Teach for America Benefit Concert with Jet W. Lee, Fiveohfirst, JigGsaw, and Ben and Zach (6 p.m., $TBA)

Cowboy Monkey – Mhondoro, Rumba Na Biso (10 p.m., $5)

Kalyx Center (Monticello) – Daytrotter Barnstormer Tour with Ra Ra Riot, Delta Spirit, Free Energy, Nathaniel Rateliff, Pearly Gate Music (6 p.m., free)

Highdive – Rock Out Against Rape Benefit with Mike Ingram & Kayla Brown, My Werewolf Diary, Corn Desert Ramblers, TBA (6 p.m., $5)

IMC – Lip Service Jazz Ensemble (9:30 p.m., $5)

Iron Post – Boneyard Jazz Quintet (5 p.m., free)

Iron Post – Kilborn Alley 10th Anniversary Show (9 p.m., $10)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Inlets, The Canoes, Death Tram (8 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – Hot Cops, Molehill, Brighton MA (10 p.m., $5)

The Highdive – Dubstep Massacre with Positive Vibr8tions, Babylon System, DJ Belly, Zmick (9 p.m., $5 Adv)

Iron Post – Sandunga (6 p.m., $3)

Iron Post – Beat Kitchen (9:30 p.m., $5)

IMC – Wide World of Urbana Community Concert with Zach May and the Maps, MEANS New Music Ensemble, C-U Swedish Folk Ensemble (4 p.m., free)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – The Middle East, World’s First Flying Machine, Take Care (8 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – Roberta Sparrow, Fresh Kills, Soy City Stranglers (10 p.m., $5)


Krannert Center – Ozomatli (7 p.m, $8-28)


Canopy Club – Santah CD release show with Dr. Manhattan, Grandkids, LEGTWO


Bentley’s – Mike Ingram and Kayla Brown (10 p.m.)

Canopy Club – Eclipse (Pink Floyd Tribute) (10 p.m., $10 Adv)

Cowboy Monkey – Cycling for Cancer Benefit with Positive Vibr8tions, White Rabbit, Famicom and Mickey Karbal (10 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Mertz (8 p.m., $TBA)

The Phoenix – Corcid, Thrash Zombie, Commodity, Heavy Lies the Crown, Short Handed Goal, The Soviet, Atheory, We Must Dismantle All This, The Diamond Stretch (6 p.m., $7, special AA show)


Bentley’s – The Impalas (9 p.m., $5)

Canopy Club – Laughing Prairie Dog Festival with Yourself & the Air, Jookabox, New Ruins, Joe Pug

Cowboy Monkey – Hip Rock vs Indie Hop with S.Words, Sun Stereo, Cornbread, Take Care (10 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – You & Yourn, Raina Rosa (9 p.m., $5)


Canopy Club – Justin Moore, Casey Jamerson (7 p.m., $17 Adv)

Cowboy Monkey – Miles Nielsen (10 p.m., $5)


Canopy Club – Flosstradamus, The Interns, CZO, Lucknow, Famicom (10 p.m., $12 Adv)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Tractor Kings, Darling, Pigeon ($TBA)


Bentley’s – Billy Galt (8:30 p.m., free)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Neoga Blacksmith, Withershins (8 p.m., $5)


Highdive – Sick, XXX Smut, ANTiSEEN! (7 p.m., $10)


Aroma Cafe – Vintage Ragtime Show with Jane Boxall, Paul Asaro (7 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, Baroness, Valiant Thorr (6:30 p.m., $23 Adv.)

IMC – Red Molly (7:30 p.m., $TBA)


Canopy Club – Fistful of Steel (Rage Against the Machine Tribute) (9 p.m., $5)

Cowboy Monkey – Man Made Blast (10 p.m., $5)


Bentley’s – Rocket Science (9 p.m., $2)

Canopy Club – Blessed With Pain, Seven Year Existence, Buried in Black, C.P.X. (9 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Krukid, DJ LEGTWO, Bozak (9 p.m., $5)


Bentley’s – The Curses and the Duke of Uke (10 p.m.)

Canopy Club – Justin Penrod Memorial Benefit with Jason & the Haymakers ($10 Adv)

Canopy Club – Slow Intentional Damage, Atheory, Deliver the Fallen, Kill Me For You (9 p.m., $7)

Cowboy Monkey – The Hillbilly Jones (10 p.m., $5)

Memphis on Main – Rookwood, TBA ($TBA)

Mike n’ Molly’s – Common Loon, TBA (8 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – New Ruins, Gospel Gossip, Husband&wife, Peninsula (9:30 p.m., $5)


Mike ‘n Molly’s – Little Pieces, Dottie & the Rail (8 p.m., $5)

Rose Bowl – Delta Kings (9 p.m., $TBA)



Mike ‘n Molly’s – The Keylocks, Withnail (8 p.m., $5)


Cowboy Monkey – “Hit It Run” with DJ Kosmo

Hessel Park – Battle of the Bands 2nd/3rd Place Winners (6 p.m., free)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Jet W. Lee, En Fuego (8 p.m., $TBA)


Toalson Park – The Impalas (6:30 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – Point of Fire, Madison’s Avenue (9 p.m., $5)

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Roberta Sparrow, TBA ($TBA)

West Side Park – Ben Bedford (noon, free)


Champaign Public Library – Mark Dvorak (2 p.m., free)

Cowboy Monkey – Brat Pack

IMC – Kyle Bruckman & Rich O’Donnell (8 p.m., $TBA)



Canopy Club – Clutch, The Bakerton Group, Lionize and Never Got Caught (7 p.m., $22 advance)


Canopy Club – Emery (7 p.m., $13 Adv)

West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Delta Kings, Chicago Mambo All-Stars (5 p.m., free)


Mike ‘n Molly’s – The Poison Control Center, TBA (8 p.m., $5)

West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Elsinore, Hurricane Gumbo, Kevin Lucas Orchestra, more (11 a.m., free)


West Side Park – Taste of Champaign with Bottle of Justus, Hathaways, The No Secret Band, more (11 a.m., free)



Bentley’s – TwoYou (10 p.m.)

Canopy Club – High 5 Homicide, Trash City Rockers, Atheory, Flightrisk (9 p.m., $6)



Morrissey Park – Run for Cover (6:30 p.m., free)


Garden Hills Park – Déjà vu (6:30 p.m., free)


Aroma Cafe – Ashley Renay (7 p.m., free)

Rose Bowl – Delta Kings ($TBA)


Downtown Urbana – Urbana Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival with Bernard Allison, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, Shirley King, John Lee Hooker Jr., more

Mike ‘n Molly’s – Duke of Uke, Beat Kitchen, Tree Thump ($TBA)


Hessel Park – Decatur Park Singers (6:30 p.m., free)


Elsner Park – Point of Fire (6:30 p.m., free)


West Side Park – Aaron Koppel Duo (noon, free)


Downtown Champaign – 150th Birthday Party with Hum, Delta Kings, Duke of Uke, Tons O’ Fun Band, Candy Foster and Shades of Blue


Douglass Park – Candy Foster (6:30 p.m., free)


Powell Park – Singing in the Abbey (6:30 p.m., free)


Aroma Cafe – Chris Darby (7 p.m., free)


Iron Post – Vanattica, Shark Bandit, Sages ($TBA)


Hessel Park – Jim Markum Swing Band (6:30 p.m., free)


Canopy Club – CIM Pre-Party with Embalmer, Putrid Pile, Human Filleted, Leproso, Amaron, What Thou Will (9 p.m., $7)


Canopy Club – Central Illinois Metalfest 2010


Canopy Club – Central Illinois Metalfest 2010


Hessel Park – The Shantles (6:30 p.m., free)


Garden Hills Park – Mary Clark (6:30 p.m., free)


Hessel Park – Boneyard Jazz Quintet (6:30 p.m., free)


Clark Park – Exorna (6:30 p.m., free)


West Side Park – Road Song (noon, free)


Hessel Park – Lonnie Lester (6:30 p.m., free)


Cowboy Monkey – Cowboy Monkey’s 2nd Annual Band Hootenanny


Krannert – Roky Erickson with Okkervil River

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