Smile Politely

Urbana house parties start up again

I’m sure everyone is sick of the rants about “the good ol’ days” of music where bands played shows in “houses” and everyone had a “rad time.” The folks who are actually sick of this banter have probably never been to a house show.

The sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm present at house shows just can’t be beat. No one fights to get a front-row view, everyone sings along (or pretends to) and it’s much more fun for the band to be eye-to-eye with the crowd than singing to what they can only assume is a pitch black void.

I suggest hiding your grandmother’s urn, shoving mattresses against the walls and inviting over your close friends and your uncle’s cousin’s girl/boyfriend for an old fashioned good time. Sure, the cops might show up. Sure, someone might puke in your lawn. It’ll all make for a wonderful story in the end, like the time little Cindy got a red crayon stuck in her ear.

If you just want to test the waters and see what a house show is like, there happens to be one going on tonight at 9 p.m. at The Sunflower House 812 W. Main St. in Urbana. Ben Campbell from World’s First Flying Machine, Dedbird, Kilroy et al, Zach May and the Maps and a new band The Night We Said I Love You will all be playing.

I shouldn’t need to lecture you on being respectful. Remove the crayon from your ears, or leave it in there if you don’t own ear plugs — just have a good time.

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