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Ask Politely #25

With The Canopy Club hosting Central Illinois Metal Fest this weekend, don’t be surprised if you see a couple of folks walking in town that don’t seem too familiar with their surroundings. That is probably because they have flown half-way around the world to be here.

The CIMF has quietly grown into one of the most prominent music festivals in the world within a certain sub-section of the population. Headliners include bands like Monstrosity from Florida, Misery Index from Maryland and Incantation from Pennsylvania. They will be supported by bands from across the globe including Amagortis from Switzerland, Nominon from Sweden and Holocausto Canibal from Portugal.

Founder of the festival Matt Bishop says there are, “40 bands from seven different countries this year.” The festival, now in year number seven, first began modestly at the Knights of Columbus in 1998 and ran it there until 2000. After a two year hiatus, Bishop brought it back in 2002 to The Canopy Club and has never looked back. Attendance is projected to double this year — which has seen a two day festival become three days.

A limited amount of tickets will still be available at the door all weekend.

So, with all this Metal being kicked out this weekend in our own backyard, we ask you:

Who ripped the most wicked Metal album of all time?

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