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2024 Audiofeed Music Festival is happening over 4th of July weekend

Photo of a drum set on a dimly lit stage with a banner that reads "Audiofeed" in the background.

Set against the backdrop of the Champaign County Fairgrounds, the Audiofeed Music Festival 2024 will unfold July 4th through July 7th, offering a contemplative escape into the world of music and fellowship. This year’s lineup, featuring thoughtful acts like Spoken, The Protest, Citizens, The Ongoing Concept, and Glasslands, promises an entertaining, enlightening, and different music festival experience, right here in Champaign-Urbana.

The festival has structured its ticket offerings to ensure everyone has the opportunity to partake in this unique experience. General admission, set at $100, not only grants access to all days of the festival but also includes the option for camping, inviting attendees to immerse themselves fully in the atmosphere of unity and shared discovery. For those bringing RVs or camper vans, provisions have been made to accommodate these vehicles for a more comfortable stay, albeit at an additional cost.

In keeping with the festival’s ethos of fostering a safe and inclusive environment, attendees are reminded that no drugs or alcohol will be allowed on the festival grounds. This decision underscores Audiofeed’s commitment to ensuring that the focus remains on the music, the conversations, and the community that are the heart of the festival experience. In this space, free from the usual distractions, there’s an invitation to engage more deeply with the music, the stories behind the songs, and the people who bring these stories to life.

Audiofeed Music Festival
Champaign County Fairgrounds
601 Fairview Ave
July 4-7
$50 to $100 (RV Camping extra)

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