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2nd annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Program is this Sunday

A year ago I attended the first Interfaith Thanksgiving Program hosted by Interfaith Alliance C-U. Just a couple of weeks after the nasty 2016 election, when I was quickly losing faith in humanity, it was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the capacity we have for good. Leaders from various faith communities and traditions in our community spoke on their version of “the Golden Rule”, the mayors of both cities spoke, and uplifting music was played.

I have no doubt this year’s program will be equally as inspiring, the theme is “Tapestry of Faith and Community: Our Lives are Woven Together”, and a great way to kick off Thanksgiving week whether you are a person of faith or not. (Seriously, even if you’ve never stepped foot in or never want to step foot in a synagogue, church, mosque, or Bahá’í center you will get something out of this).

This year’s program takes place on Sunday, November 19th from 3-5 p.m. at the iHotel and Conference Center.

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