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Three questions with Ms. Jones If You Nasty

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Ms. Jones If You Nasty is a local hip-hop artist, and she’s opening for Trouble Chasin’ and Haki ‘N Dem this Saturday, March 30th at Rose Bowl Tavern. We sent her our three weird questions, and she was brave enough to respond with her answers:

Smile Politely: Considering your unforgettable stage name, if you had to create a superhero alter ego for Ms. Jones, If You Nasty, what would her superpowers be, and what would be the name of her arch-nemesis?

Ms. Jones: My superhero alter ego would be Captain Nasty with the superpowers of elastic gorilla grip and harmonic mind control powers. My arch nemesis’ name would be Dr. Clean with the ability to make any Nasty Scene and nun’s wet dream.

SP: “To Cooks, With Love” suggests a culinary masterpiece. If each song on this album were a dish, what would be the main course, and which song would be the surprisingly spicy dessert?

Ms. Jones: This is one of my favorite projects. The main course would probably be “Don’t Wanna Talk About It” because of how deep and slow the song is. It’s the type of meal that you think about for days to come. The spicy desert would either be “Interlude Thru Russia“, if you’re looking for a sultry delectable dish but if you wanted something sweet and bubbly to end the night, “Adore” is one of my unsung heroes of a meal.

SP: If you could collaborate with ANY artist to create the ultimate “Nasty Remix” of one of your tracks, who would it be, and what secret ingredient would they bring to the mix?

Ms. Jones: My dream collaboration on the rapping tip would be Rico Nasty. She would bring a layer of edge and lyrical wordplay that would bring one of my tracks to the next level. On the singing tip, my dream collab would be with The Weeknd. His finely tuned ear and overarching vocal plot skills would create the ultimate nasty masterpiece.

Trouble Chasin’ with Haki ‘N Dem and Ms. Jones If You Nasty
Rose Bowl Tavern
106 N Race St
Sa Mar 30th, 8:30 p.m.
$10 Cover

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