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8 year-old student found carrying loaded 9mm magazine at Booker T. Washington

Some unsettling news that’s being investigated at Booker T. Washington Elementary has come our way, which involves an 8 year-old student who was carrying a loaded 9mm magazine. Check out the news release below.

From the press release:

Champaign Police Department Investigates Incident at Local School (Booker T. Washington Elementary School, 606 E. Grove Street)

The Champaign Police Department is currently following up on a report of a loaded magazine for a 9mm handgun being brought onto school property by an 8 year-old student.

On May 2, 2014, an employee of Booker T. Washington Elementary School contacted police after retrieving a loaded 9mm magazine from an 8 year-old student. School staff informed police that the magazine had fallen from the child’s coat pocket during recess and that no other children had come in contact with the magazine.
In response to the report of child endangerment, Champaign Police detectives obtained a search warrant for a home, in reference to this incident. During the search, police located ammunition and drug paraphernalia. Champaign Police also notified the Department of Children and Family Services and worked collaboratively with the Unit 4 School District during its investigation.

Parents are responsible for ensuring the safety of their children and should teach them about gun safety. Guns and ammunition should be stored so that they are inaccessible to children and other unauthorized users. Children should be instructed to avoid touching guns, magazines or ammunition, and to leave the area if any of these items are found. Children should immediately notify a trusted adult.
The Department is currently investigating this incident.

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