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A Congolese restaurant is coming to C-U

Mama Meta’s Canteen is a new Congolese restaurant that will be opening in C-U. They will pick up and catering only. From their website, which is still under construction: 

MMC is a black owned, family owned small business that provides African inspired cuisine. Based out of Champaign County, we partnered with local farmers and small businesses to promote and provide the best quality produce used in our recipes.

Visit Champaign County spoke with owner Lauren Mulowayi about her plans and the food you can expect to find at Mama Meta’s:

Congolese cuisine is unique and centers itself on a blend of numerous food groups. Most meals include “a starchy ingredient alongside a vegetable and meat, mostly in a stew form,” according to Mama Meta’s Canteen. Using the starch to scoop the meat and veggies, the most common option for this element of the meal is fermented bread made from the Cassava root called Kwanga. As far as meats, Congolese food often includes beef, chicken, fish, and goat. In Lauren’s eyes, the low-sugar diet of Congolese cuisine is admirable. Even dessert is relatively simple, featuring options like fried dough balls with peanut butter sauce or plantains.

No opening date as of yet, but you can keep an eye on things on Facebook or Instagram.

Top image from Mama Meta’s Canteen Facebook page.

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