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Accessible CU outlines accessibility accommodations at local businesses

A screenshot that shows thumbnail photos and business information in black boxes underneath the thumbnails.
Experience Champaign-Urbana

Experience Champaign-Urbana has partnered with Community Choices and the College of Education to create a new section on their website titled Accessible CU. The section “helps users find local businesses that meet their accessibility needs, outlining the physical, sensory, cognitive, and accommodation-ready characteristics of local businesses.”

Community Choices, an organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities pursue independence, is utilizing Americans with Disabilities Act physical accessibility requirements as well as input from people with disabilities who live here and patronize these local businesses, to evaluate the accommodations that are provided. They are looking at physical, cognitive, and sensory accessibility.

You can read more about the evaluation process, and browse or search businesses at the Accessible CU website.

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