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Apply for summer job at Giertz Gallery

Thanks to the budget impasse (all SPlogs will now begin with this phrase), Parkland wasn’t sure if the Summer Youth Employment Grant would come through from the Illinois Arts Council, but after the disastrous GA meeting, encouraging word has been released: 

Giertz Gallery at Parkland College is offering 3 internships for Summer/Early Fall 2016. Interns will work approximately 15 hours per week for up to 12 weeks (beginning mid June or until filled), at a pay rate of $8.25/hour.

These internships are available to current highschool students or 2016 HS grads. Teens interested in the arts will not only receive compensation, but job experience, business skills related to their chosen arts-related career paths, and self-confidence. 

The application deadline is June 13th, and entails filling out a form online and emailing 2 letters of recommendation, at least one from a high school teacher. 

Art, education, and dollars. May we all be so lucky. 

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