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Barnstormer Tour in danger of cancellation

As Daytrotter wrote in their weekly email today:

We don’t like to claim desperate times, but ticket sales have been hovering at 15% of our projections to break even on the tour and we can’t afford to lose our butts on the tour. We know there are a lot of you out there very excited about Barnstormer and you’ve already bought tickets. We thank you for that. We have a feeling that there are a lot more of you out there excited for Barnstormer who haven’t bought tickets yet. If we don’t get to a much higher number by next Monday, we have to make a big decision about Barnstormer. Please do what you can to help us make this a success. Thanks all! You’re the best. — Mr. Daytrotter

Daytrotter are currently running a special on their website. The tour stops at Monticello’s Kalyx Center — one of the cooler places to see a show ever — on September 2nd. We’ve heard rumblings of a bigger-name local addition if this goes off, so it would be a bummer if it got canceled.

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