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In this vibrant stage scene, a male performer actively engages with the audience, microphone in hand, under dramatic red and blue lighting. His casual white t-shirt contrasts sharply with the dark background, making his animated posture and tattoos stand out.
Ashanti Thomas

Coverage of the local music scene has been a core component of Smile Politely since its founding. Our music section covers a wide variety of genres — from rock to hip-hop to classical and more — and we’re eager to add your take on Champaign-Urbana’s robust and eclectic music community.

Since we’re a hyper local magazine, writers should have some grasp of the local music scene and its venues and artists. We do cover touring artists heading through C-U, so if you’re interested in talking about those things, we can usually make that happen. Interested in writing about C-U’s music but not sure where to start? We have plenty of ideas for you!

Send an email to [email protected] introducing yourself, why you’d like to contribute, and anything else related to your music interests.

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