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Big plans coming for the Illini Union

The largest renovation ever has been propsed to the University of Illinois for the Illini Union. It’s cost is estimated at $248 million, and would not take place for at least five years. While this project has not yet been approved by the University, the renovations would drastically change how we all know and see the Union. 

Changes would include the basement being turned into a recreation area, an expansion of the second floor complex, and extra meeting rooms. In addition to the interior changes, the quad side of the building would also be reconstructed to be made of glass, bringing in natural light.

The University is looking to its alumni for donations and of course, a student fee will be applied to pay for the renovations.

While I’ve only attend the University for 2 years, I have grown to appreciate the Union for what it is and the rich history it holds. The Quad, too, reflects this, and adding this modern architecture would do little to maintain it. There are many ways to enrich the student life at the Union without taking away the history of the building and changing what we have all grown to love about it.

Photo courtesy of Alonzo Marsh.

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