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Boneyard Arts registration extended to March 26th

40 North announced that they’re extending the registration deadline for potential venues for the Boneyard Arts Festival until Monday, March 26th. So there’s still time to put something together to participate in this awesome festival!

Here’s what they said: 

REGISTER TODAY! After numerous requests for more time, the Boneyard Arts Festival registration deadline has been extended to midnight on Monday, March 26th!

40 North invites you to partner with a local artist, business, or organization to arrange a performance or display of work for the 16th annual Boneyard Arts Festival! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Join the Boneyard Arts Festival Facebook Group! It’s a great interactive online tool to help artists and venues connect with one another and make plans for the Boneyard Arts Festival. Post images, questions, ideas, and find others to work with during this year’s Boneyard!

Click here for their announcement. 

Photo is the Boneyard Arts Festival 2018 signature image, Happiness by Lisa Kesler. 

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