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Bozak’s running tour diary of the Midwest: Part three

Who is the chap at Mike N Molly’s with the dance moves? Aaron? Is that his name? Surely you know who I’m talking about if you have been to Mike N Molly’s on the weekend. That guy is the best. He was there while I was DJing last night and he set the vibe I was trying to make with the music, but with his dance steps. And you know he has only the best moves. Too bad dancing shows like The Scene and MTV: The Grind aren’t still in action. He would kill it at an open casting call. Bless that man. May he always get what he wants.

What was up with Mayonaisse Lady bumping my equipment? Jon Meske knows what I’m talking about. And let me say, the offer of sexual favors is so 1984. I’m not David Lee Roth. I’m not a bouncer at a Kiss show. Your playin’ yaself!

One of the things I like about Mike N Molly’s is the range of stuff that seems to work over there. I was able to play Hip-Hop, dusty soul, nasty speed funk, turkish bangers, boogie, disco stompers, and the like. I like that crowd. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to play there more frequently while Champaign was my home-base.

It’s funny. I brought all this technology with me to do some neat tricks but I never really used much of that stuff last night. I played in the most bare-bones simple fashion and it went over as good as it could have. Makes you think about all this stuff we have at our disposal now-a-days.

Just for the record, Murph is the man.

So yeah, good show all around from Krukid, DJ Legtwo, Illegit, and Jon Doe, and I had a blast to finish off the night. Was real, real nice.

Ok, so in a few hours I’m gonna do something fun:

DIGGING IN EXILE returns for round two with special guests, BOZAK (San Francisco, Red Bull Music Academy) and MERTZ (217mafia).

If you missed the first DIGGING IN EXILE with Spinnerty and Brom, then you missed out on a pair of spontaneous, entertaining and at times hilarious DJ sets. But don’t worry, the fun continues on Saturday, May 22 at Exile On Main St in downtown Champaign from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Here’s how it works:

We get unleash two vinyl loving DJs in Exile On Main St to find the records they’re going to use for their live in-store sets. The COMPLETELY IMPROVISED performances will be made up only of records they found in the store that day.

Not only do you get to hear two crate diggers directly apply their craft, but ANY USED RECORD ONE OF THE DJs SPINS IS 50% OFF!!! There’s no better way to hear something new that you like and to get it for cheap and on vinyl!

In addition, all used LPs and other used items are buy two get the third free during the show!

So be there… hear some DJs do something completely unique and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE!!!

And then later in the ‘eve I will be playing at Redstarr in Urbana (starting to realize Urbana trumps Champaign) with DJ Belly. If you want to hear some nasty electronic beats from LA an the UK come throught! Flying lotus, Onra, P.U.D.G.E., Dizz1, and more will get played!

See you there (at both shows???)!!

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