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Cafe Kopi debuting four holiday drinks this Winter

After just celebrating its 22nd birthday, Downtown Champaign staple Cafe Kopi is ready for the holidays with all your favorite holiday flavors but with its own special twist to keep true to Kopi’s style.

This winter, Kopi will be offering Crushed Mint Mocha for those inclined to coffee, and Hot Cider for those that would rather refrain. The Gingerbread Chai is also a great caffeine alternative that has been transformed into something suitably festive by Kopi.

In addition to all of this, the crown jewel is a delicious and unique Egg Nog Latte, which may be the most holiday-themed thing in existence on this planet. 

(Pictured above: Egg Nog Latte, Pictured Below-Top: Hot Cider, Pictured Below-Bottom: Crushed Mint Mocha)

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