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Carmon’s becomes The Wedge

If you passed by Washington and Neil yesterday, you saw that the iconic Art Deco neon sign that played host to three different permutations of Carmon’s had been removed. 

There was good reason for it. Victor Fuentes, who owns El Toro’s all over the place, is taking up the space and reopening it as The Wedge, a tequila bar that will feature Mexican items and, well, probably some limes, as well.

Fuentes formally owned V. Picasso, which I felt was quite good, on the whole, especially for the first few months of its existence.

More on the story from our pals at the N-G.

Here’s to hoping that the food there tastes and looks a little better than the stuff at El Toro. No offense, but, I just can’t eat that kind of Mexican, especially when places like this are around.

Let alone this one, too.

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