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Carol Ross Barney gets the gold

3 woman are displayed on a large screen. The woman on the left is black, with shoulder length black braids and a yellow shirt. Carol Ross Barney stands in the middle in a dark shirt and jacket with a a gold medal and red ribbon around her neck. And a white woman in a red shirt with chin length hair looks at Barney.
Francisco J. Rodríguez

Last week, University of Illinois alumna Carol Ross Barney received the 2023 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal at the A’23 Conference in San Francisco. Barney is the first living woman architect in AIA history and only the sixth Chicago architect — the first in 60 years — to receive the highest and most prestigious honor awarded by the AIA. Her firm, Ross Barney Architects, designed the beautiful Champaign Public Library in 2008, the Chicago riverwalk, and many other incredible buildings. Barney did an interview with the AIA to talk more about what the gold medal means for her as a woman and what it means for the city of Chicago.

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