Smile Politely

Celebration Company holding open auditions Saturday

The Obie-award winning farce, The Foreigner, by Larry Shue, takes a humorous look at trust. Distraught by the state of his own life, Charlie Baker trips into pretending to not speak English while on vacation. As a result, the other vacationers end up voicing things they may not have, if they knew he understood every word they were saying. 

Director Thom Schnarre will hold auditions on May 13 and 14 from 2-5 pm at The Station. There are seven roles available (5 men and 2 women) and auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Alternate audition dates available on request through contacting the director via email at [email protected]

Performances run 6/29-7/15! Rehearsals will begin soon after casting.

The roles are as follows:

Charlie Baker: A meek accountant type from England, who is Froggy’s assistant. Actor needs both a convincing British accent (upper class probably) and a gift for pantomime, physical comedy and character voices as he learns to “speak English”. Married in a complicated relationship that is terminal. Immediately smitten by Catherine. Age range mid-20s to early 40s. Racial identity not specified in script.

Froggy LeSueur: A former military man still in uniform and a regular visitor to the Georgia lodge that’s the setting for the piece. In business now with his assistant Charlie. Very loyal to Charlie. British accent (working class probably) and coarser and more social than Charlie. Age range late-20s to mid-40s. Racial identity not specified in script.

All other characters are Georgia locals (Accent required. Sort of a Designing Women lilt can be used as a model). They are also all Caucasian.

Betty Meeks: Mature owner of the lodge. Wiry, maternal, quick-witted and feisty. She’s tough, despite her age. Age range 50 and up. 

Reverend David Marshall Lee: Glad-handing televangelist wannabe. All he has is a local church and his secret KKK affiliations. A nasty human with a sugary act, one might describe him as oily. Age appropriate partner for Catherine. Age range 20s-40s.

Catherine Simms: A modern Southern Belle with a bun in the oven. Oops! Feisty and smarter than she lets on. Very loyal to baby brother, Ellard. Sort of trapped in a relationship with Reverend David. Uses Charlie as a mute therapist and then her feelings grow. Age range 20s-30s.

Ellard Simms: A dim, but sweet boy. Never met an enemy, but he’s been bullied a lot which makes him skittish and shy. He responds affectionately to praise. A puppy of a boy. Must have a gift for physical comedy and pantomime. Age range mid-teens-20s.

Owen Musser: A repellent moron. Racist KKK member and SUPER proud of it. Guy voted most likely to be killed in a bar fight in high school. Very superstitious as ignorant men often are. Just gross. Age range 20s-50s.

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