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Champaign rapper Young Blu in talks with Epic Records

The News-Gazette reports this morning that local hip-hop artist Dijon Silva AKA Young Blu is in talks with Epic Records. “Everybody in Champaign has been supporting me,” he told The News-Gazette back in December:

When I’m anywhere else, no one tries to get Champaign recognized, so when I’m somewhere else, when I’m doing my music in New York or Atlanta, I tell everyone it’s not my art, it’s our art, I’m doing this for Champaign.

This exciting news is hot off the heels of the rapper’s split-release with fellow local Jay Moses, Green Tea X Green Trees. “Being from a small town, I have learned how to be myself not only through my personality, but through my music. I’m not trying to sound like anyone,” Silva told Smile Politely this morning. “I’m trying to make a sound for Champaign.”

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