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Champaign School Board seats new members

From the press release:

Champaign School Board Seats New Members

The Champaign Board of Education swore in two returning and three new members at Monday night’s special meeting. 
The new Board members were elected in the April 9 municipal elections.

Returning members include Board President Stig Lanesskog and member Ileana Saveley, who have been reelected to two year terms. The three new board members—Laurie Bonnett, Scott MacAdam, and Lynn Stuckey—were each elected to four-year terms. The Board also reorganized at Monday’s meeting and offices are as follows:

  • Laurie Bonnett, President
  • Jamar Brown, Vice President
  • Ileana Saveley, Secretary
  • Lynn Stuckey, Parliamentarian
“I welcome the new Board members to the District and look forward to working collaboratively to realize the vision we have set for the future of Unit 4,” said Superintendent Dr. Judy Wiegand. “We will continue to focus on our District goals  and on providing a high quality education to all students.”

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