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Check out new music from Sweetmelk and Snack’d Out

Cover art for two songs, on the left is the text "What Do I Do?" with an artistic blueish background. On the right is a wine glass spilling in outer space.
Sweetmelk and Snack’d Out

Local artists Sweetmelk and Snack’d Out have released new music this week, marking two significant events for both bands.

Kenna Mae and Sweetmelk are going out on the road, and to commemorate the tour (and raise funds for gas money!) they have released a new song to their Bandcamp Page titled “What Do I Do?”. Please consider visiting the Bandcamp page for the single and purchasing a download for a few bucks.

Local emo punks, Snack’d Out are putting the finishing touches on their new album and are celebrating with a release of their own. “Oh How the Wine Talks” is their first single, and is also available on Bandcamp.

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