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Check out CLAW at this weekend’s Flannel Fest

CLAW (Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling) is back after a long hiatus. You can check out the amazing and hilarious wrestlers at the Champaign Park District’s Flannel Fest at noon this Saturday, October 15th. The official lineup is below. 

Illustrated poster for CLAW's Backwoods Brawl. On the right, a brown-skinned woman is giving a roundhouse kick to a white-skinned woman. They are in a forest-like setting. There is text with the lineup of matches below the illustration. Image from the CLAW Facebook page. Image from the CLAW Facebook page. 


CLAW’s Backwoods Brawl
Centennial Park (Kenwood + Sangamon / Kenwood + Kirby / Crescent + Sangamon) 

Top image screenshot from CLAW’s Instagram page. 


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