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City of Champaign launches PlanOurPlaza for public input for Downtown plaza

PlanOurPlaza is the new initiative from the City of Champaign to gather public input about the plaza space in Downtown Champaign, which is under the microscope for redevelopment into a different and more useful space.

A parking lot, as it exists now, is not the best use of the space. So, this is happening.

Here are the basics, per their website:

The City of Champaign and MKSK have partnered to explore the possibilities of a new urban space for Champaign’s downtown core. The future Neil Street Plaza is perfectly positioned to become a dynamic space that will attract a diverse range of people throughout all seasons. We will provide a framework for a Plaza that is vibrant, comfortable, and well-used on a daily basis, while also providing flexibility for larger gatherings and events.

Your opinions are critical to the success of this project, as we aim to create a plaza that is both inviting and exciting for all residents and visitors of Champaign. Sign up for project updates and participate in our events and online activities!

I used this map for the Hotel VIB SPlog post, so I’ll repost it here — as you might guess, the plaza being developed is the triangular lot next ot the Orpheum, east across Neil Street from where Hotel VIB will exist.

If you have input, go to the link above and check out how you can participate as a citizen of Champaign.

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