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CJ Run releases new track “Runs World”

CJ Run has released a new track, “Runs World”, which debuted on Prime Fortune today.

From the press release:

About the single “Runs World”:

Runs World takes a look at CJ’s past, present, and future, stemming from their diverse background. From growing up in England and Germany as the child of west African immigrants, to moving across the drink to North Carolina for high school, and finally moving to the heart of the Midwest for college. As non-binary story teller, CJ talks about figuring out their personal and musical identity while navigating the music industry as a newcomer, about wanting to stay true to British culture and music while trying to make it in the U.S., and ultimately, about what a uncertain future feels like in the face of each new day.

About CJ Run:

CJ Run is a singer, a rapper, a songwriter, a trailblazer. 

Born to a Nigerian family in Germany, and hailing from the United Kingdom, music was always at the forefront for CJ, who identifies as non-binary. By age 13, grime, British hip-hop, RnB, and electronic music had possessed them. With a deep understanding of pop sensibility, and enough hooks to last a lifetime, CJ Run is destined for the next step, after the next step, with the one before it, leading the one before that.

Currently based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois — home to a litany of incredible musicians and producers who have helped shape the music industry — they have risen to the top of the local scene in just under a year. Incredibly prolific from their beginnings, CJ has independently released three full length albums with another on its way. Their sound is now unmistakable and urgent; pragmatic and decisive.

2018 will see CJ Run tour with a full live band into the Midwest, and beyond. Now is the time to hear them. Now is the time where it will make sense to everyone within earshot.

Now is the time.

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