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Clickhole hilariously crushes U of I Dr. Berenbaum for hiding “raddest” bug of all

Clickhole is, of course, a wildly active clickbait site meant to make you click on hilariously ridiculous headlines (within the realm of the Onion). This information is being provided to you in case this is your first time on the Internet. If so, welcome.

Moving on:

This time, Clickhole has really done it, with a local twist — featuring esteemed U of I researcher and entomologist Dr. May Berenbaum. This time, they admonish Dr. Berenbaum for hiding the “raddest” bug of all under her bed in a Tupperware container. Titled: “Disgrace: The President Of The Entomological Society Of America Has Resigned For Keeping The Best Bug In A Tupperware Under Her Bed”. Awesome.

Go ahead and click that damn link and read it.

In case you’re looking for some other information about Dr. Berenbaum within the realm of popular culture — there was a character on The X-Files based on her:

Bambi Berenbaum was played by Bobbie Phillips. The character was named for famous entomologist Dr. Berenbaum, from the University of Illinois.

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