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Columbia Street Roastery has a Tabasco Barrel Aged coffee

I’m not sure if I’m intrigued or frightened by this, and it seems the staff is feeling the same way. From their website:

This coffee is wild and crazy, even for us. It is a very polarizing coffee. Our staff is split down the middle on it. We took a freshly dumped “Hot Sauce” Barrel and aged our Papua New Guinea in it for 4 weeks. What we got was smokey notes from the barrel with hints of spice and heat from the pepper residue. The spice and heat are not overpowering, all very subtle flavors, but its something we haven’t tasted in coffee before. Some of our staff added sugar to their cups for a sweet and spicy taste. We use unique a lot in our descriptions of coffees but this is a flavor profile we haven’t found before, making it truly making it truly one of a kind.

So if you feel like your morning coffee doesn’t give you quite enough of a kick in pants in the morning, this might just be your solution.

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