Smile Politely

Custom air-plant, Fleurish and Plant Mode collab

It was Saturday morning and I had just finished a cheese omelet, french toast, and coffee at Sam’s Cafe in Downtown Champaign. I decided to go into Fleurish. I rarely get into the shop because of their weekday hours but on Saturdays, they are open 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. I browsed the flowers, many that you won’t find out the grocery stores, and some that you will but giant and lush as if they were grown in a prehistoric time. Amongst the flowers, local art, and perfumes, I found these beautiful wood pieces. I had to have one. And I knew just where to take it. 

After leaving Fleurish, I headed over to Plant Mode, also in Downtown Champaign. I met Mathis, owner and operator, and plant magician, who said he’d be glad to help me out. He kept the planter and messaged me when it was ready. His designed turned out beautifully and I am stoked about my new plant. All in all this project cost me about $70. 

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