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Design a guitar for ELLNORA

Krannert Center is seeking local artists and creative minds to design guitars for a community guitar gallery that will take place during ELLNORA. Amateur artists are encouraged to participate and Krannert is providing the guitars. 

Get the details:

Krannert Center seeks visual artists of any age to design and decorate a 4-foot MDF (wood product) guitar provided to them by Krannert Center. Guitars will be displayed at Krannert Center during ELLNORA | The Guitar Festival in September 2015.
• Guitars can be transformed through any medium: paint, application of materials by drilling or glueing, etc.
• Guitars should be decorated on both sides (one side can be a solid color).
• Blank guitars—available in one acoustic and one electric style—will be available from JUNE 15 THROUGH JULY 15.
• Completed guitars must be returned to Krannert Center by MONDAY, AUGUST 31. Display begins Monday, September 7. Completed guitars will be the property of Krannert Center for potential display throughout the multi-level facility.
• Guitars will be displayed hanging from the ceiling, with a six- to eight-foot distance between the viewer and the artwork. Please let us know if your guitar will be heavy because of materials applied.
If you have questions or would like to say “Yes!”, please email Lisa Lillig, Asst. Director for Client Relations, at [email protected] or phone her at 217.244.6298. Please let her know “acoustic” or “electric.”

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