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Dimensions show to open at 217Gallery on Thursday

217Gallery will be hosting a new art show this weekend, a showcase of the works of one particular studio group of Illinois senior BFA students. I’ve had the chance to see works by some of these artists at other shows, and am intrigued by the prospect of exploring their work in other media. 

And what better way to spend downtown time with mom this weekend than a stroll through an art gallery? 

Stop by 217Gallery during normal business hours, May 5th – 8th, or come to the opening reception Friday night from 6-9 p.m. 

From the artists’ statement: 

Dimensions brings together the work of eight artists nearing the completion of their BFA degrees in Painting and Sculpture at the University of Illinois. Each artist explores medium without inhibition, integrating painting and sculptural elements to express themes inherent to different aspects of our living. We experience the world through various perspectives and on all sorts of levels of understanding. This show explores those levels through an array of interacting dimensions.”

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