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Donate art supplies to Developmental Services Center

Photo of two coloring books; one is of butterflies and the other entitled the Art of Positivity. Photo also includes multicolored yarn and glue stick with orange lid.
Amy’s way-too-many extra art supplies to donate. Photo by Amy Penne

Spring cleaning season is upon us. Like many spring breakers, I’m home cleaning out my closets instead of partying on a beach. Not your idea of spring break? Wait until you see how organized my closets are next week when you come back from the beach all tan and relaxed. 

I found several unopened adult coloring books, markers, colored pencils, and plenty of yarn from that Fair Isle sweater I will never learn to knit. It’s time to donate.

Gather up those supplies or purchase some new ones for Developmental Services Center’s March Art Supply drive. DSC is looking for art supplies to restock supplies used for many of their programs. 

They’re gathering items including adult coloring books, ceramics (to paint), craft sets, crayons and markers, paper, paint brushes, as well as all kinds of glue and yarns. 

Don’t have an entire truckload of unused arts and crafts supplies crammed into your closets? You can purchase items on DSC’s Amazon gift list or they accept cash donations. Donations are needed by Friday, April 5th, and can be dropped off at 1304 W Bradley, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Arts Editor at Smile Politely

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