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Don’t miss the sakura at Japan House

Every year at the Japan House, there is a small window where the cherry blossom trees bloom, displaying their famous pink flowers. The entirety of the bloom from the small florets to the fantastic pink blossoms only lasts about twenty days.The trees are in peak bloom this weekend, so make sure to visit soon. Visit the Japan House website for guidelines on viewing the blooms while protecting the grounds and being respectful of others.

Stages of Urbana cherry blossom trees 2022

Stage 1: Small green buds form on the tree and may last for varying lengths of time before blooming. (March 25th)

Stage 2: Florets appear signaling bloom is about 20 days away. (March 30th)

Stage 3: Florets begin to extend. (April 4th)

Stage 4: Peduncle elongation of the blossoms. (April 8th)

Stage 5: Pedals are white and fluffy. (April 12th)

Stage 6: Full bloom! (Happening now)

Top photo by Julie McClure.

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