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Elsinore releases details of new album, PUSH/PULL

Locals Elsinore have been hinting and sharing small details regarding their upcoming record and full-length follow up to Yes Yes Yes, entitled PUSH/PULL, here and there over the past few weeks. Nothing has been certain outside of the name and the release date until today.

The band officially announced on their website earlier today that their new album will be released on October 15th, with the album art (right), and the track listing (below).

You can preorder the album over at Parasol’s Bandcamp page, and stream the new single “Ultraviolence” (not to be confused with the first version of the track, which appeared on their Life Inside An Elephant EP.


  1. The Art of Pulling
  2. Fatal Flaw
  3. The Thermostat, The Telephone
  4. Sinister Sister
  5. New England
  6. Ultraviolence
  7. Life Inside an Elephant
  8. Evens
  9. Residential Weather
  10. Mislocation

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