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Error Records opens storefront last Friday, realizes physical music industry is dying

After their hard work raising the funds to open a storefront and all-ages venue in C-U (which opened last Friday), Error Records suddently realized that no one is buying music anymore.

The record distro came to the realization that music costs too much nowadays, and is just going to cut their losses. Kids these days don’t need physical music, or to see it in person, anyways, so they realized the plan was doomed from the get-go. I tried to get Nathan Landolt, owner and operator of Error Records, to comment on the situation, but I couldn’t get much out of him because he was signing up for his Spotify Premium account.

Plus, Jeff Brandt of Exile on Main Street commented on the store opening, stating “There’s only room for one store to be kidding themselves. How can we support two?”

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