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Error Records seeking local bands for monthly showcases

Are you a local band interested in playing at Error Records? Check out their post regarding their upcoming local showcases they’re looking to start up. Here’s what it says:

We’re going to start something new here at Error Records called LOCAL SHOWCASE. We know that there a lot of great local bands out there wanting to play the space and it’s simply too hard to book everyone. We also know there are a lot of high school bands that don’t get much of a chance to play venues in town. So, we’re going to book an all local show once a month to hopefully help the local scene thrive even more. The first two shows will be Friday, February 28 & Friday, March 28. If your band is interested in playing, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. This should be fun!

For the form, check out the post linked above and sign up if you’re interested.

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