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Experience the eclectic fusion of Turn Around Music Series with two dynamic shows

The room is characterized by a high ceiling and wooden flooring. A large, colorful, abstract painting graces the wall. Musical instruments, including a piano and a drum set, are present. Three individuals are engaged with the instruments: one at the piano, one at the drums, and one at the xylophone. A skylight and track lighting illuminate the space. A deer head is mounted on the wall, and a vase sits on a table in the background.
Kerrith Livengood

The eclectic and fearless quartet of Ralph Lewis, Susan Parenti, Brant Roberts, and Matthew Miller is set to grace the Turn Around Music Series with their innovative concerts on March 29th and 30th, promising a blend of daring compositions and immersive performances. The Friday concert will spotlight the dynamic interplay between music and movement, featuring dancer/choreographer Jacob Henss in a captivating interpretation of Lewis’s percussion solo “dlang”, augmented by the spontaneous improvisations of Roberts, Miller, and Kerrith Livengood. Saturday’s performance elevates the classic to contemporary, presenting Terry Riley’s influential “In C”, alongside the debut of new works by Illinois’s own Xavier Davenport, adding a fresh layer to the series’ avant-garde narrative. This musical journey, complete with snacks, drama, and the thrill of audience participation, unfolds at the Herbert Brun House, affirming the series’ commitment to creating an adventurous and engaging musical dialogue within the community.

Turn Around Music Series
Herbert Brun House
122 Franklin St
F Mar 29th + Sa Mar 30th, 7:30 p.m.
$10 suggested donation

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