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Flying Machine Coffee launches Indiegogo campaign

A new Urbana coffee shop, Flying Machine Coffee, is looking to get off the ground. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign, where they’re looking to raise $6,000 to get this thing going. Here’s the description from the campaign page:

What it is

Flying machine coffee is a new cafe soon to be located in downtown urbana. In the old busey building at 208 w. main st. We will be sharing the building with Pizza M, and bringing you a coffee experience like no other in C-U.

After five years in the coffee world in chicago, working with some of the best folks around. i decided it was time to come back to the area and share the love with my home town(i also missed cornfields, weird right?). I will be sourcing coffee from roasters who are very mindful of where they get their product. And even more mindful of how they roast, you will not be disapointed.

Small batch roasted coffee from a wide array of roasters, locally bought produce for smothies, and specialty drinks that might just get you hooked. Our menu will also highlight special coffees that will rotate often, and many ways to have it prepaired. Pour over, chemex, and presspot, with other methods to be added later. Dont worry, if you dont know a lot about coffee, the staff(me) will talk you through all manner of flavor profiles, and methods to make sure you get the cup of coffee you are looking for. 

what it needs, and what you gets….

I have turned to indiegogo to raise some extra start up funds. Mostly for equipment, supplies, and the initial purchase of all the things. ALL the things. The bigger equipment is already purchased and in pretty great shape(espresso machine, grinders, brewer). But the funds for smaller equipment(brewing tools, iced tea and iced coffee brewers), dry goods(cups, sugar, ect) and obviously coffee, are still needed. The total for this is around six grand, and thats just to get open. But thats all i need, the doors open.

As a thank you, i have a few things to offer. besides undying love, and huggs. They include, free drinks, t-shirts, bags of coffee, and discounts.

If you are in need of money as bad as i am. don’t worry. just maybe share this on the world wide internets. that would be a pretty cool thing to do.


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