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Former members of Fugazi coming to town with new group, The Messthetics

four men positioned against a backdrop with shadow patterns created by light filtering through a window or similar object. From left to right: the first man wears glasses and a dark shirt, adopting a serious expression. Next to him, a younger man with shoulder-length hair and glasses is dressed in a casual button-down shirt, also looking intently at the camera. The third man, bald and with a distinct focused gaze, is clad in a dark, simple top. The final figure, an older man wearing glasses, is slightly blurred compared to the others, suggesting some movement or a focus shift in the image, and he is also dressed in dark colors. They all wear dark, muted clothing, giving the group a cohesive, solemn appearance.
The Messthetics

The Messthetics, featuring the dynamic rhythm section of Fugazi and renowned saxophonist James Brandon Lewis, are poised to captivate audiences at Gallery Art Bar in Urbana on May 8th. Riding high from their latest album (The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis) praised by notable outlets like Pitchfork and GQ, the quartet brings a fresh yet fiercely nostalgic sound to the stage. Their music, an exhilarating blend of punk energy and jazz-inflected melodies, promises a live performance that’s both raw and refined. Fans can expect a setlist punctuated by tracks that showcase their musical prowess and collaborative chemistry. Events like this at Gallery Art Bar aren’t just a concert; they’re an auditory and visual experience that encapsulates the innovative spirits of the artists.

Supporting them are the eclectic local experimental group, Kuroshio, featuring the innovative Jason Finkelman and the talented Joy Yang. Known for their avant-garde approach and experimental sounds, Kuroshio adds a unique layer to an already thrilling night, ensuring that the audience experiences a wide spectrum of musical exploration.

The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis, with Kuroshio featuring Jason Finkelman and Joy Yang
Gallery Art Bar
119 W Main St
Wednesday, May 8th, 8 p.m.

Full disclosure: This performance is promoted by PYGMALION, which shares the same parent company as Smile Politely.

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