Smile Politely

Former Uni / UIUC grad Sindha Agha just published a work of brilliance in the New York Times

File this one under “Former Urbana residents who are showcasing their genius”. 

Sindha Agha, who graduated from University Laboratory High School, and then the University of Illinois, and who has gone on to work for the likes of Hampton Creek Foods, and now the Sundance Institute, amongst others, just penned an Op-Doc for the NY Times and it is absolutely fucking magnificent

The video doc, which she produced and directed, is nothing short of brilliant. See it here:

The article itself is gut-wrenching, sardonic, painful, important, and more. As a male, I cannot speak to it further than that, but her words resonate, that is for sure. 

Full disclosure: Sindha is a dear friend. She interned for The Pygmalion Festival when she was still just in high school, and then continued to work for us as a promotions coordinator, and well, sometimes you just know when someone is destined for big big big things. 

So, I am not surprised by any of this. Sindha has always helped define intelligence and candor to me. My wife and I would consistently say things to each other such as, “I hope our kids turn out like that one!” and “Sheesh, what can’t this person do?” and other weird shit like that. 

We were right; at least about what she can’t do. Remains to be seen on the rest, I suppose. But our oldest son really likes gymnastics and TMNT so far, so that’s something! 

Keep up with her on Twitter at @SindhaAgha and expect to hear more and more about her as time goes on. 

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