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Gallery Art Bar to host Industry Nights for service workers

In a lively bar aglow with neon reflections, patrons enjoy a relaxed ambiance. Vivid pink and yellow hues illuminate the backdrop, accentuating a modern bar stocked with an array of bottles. The bar's surface gleams, mirroring the colorful overhead lights that dangle like illuminated orbs in a spectrum of reds, blues, and greens. A bartender, engaged in the art of mixology, attends to the guests' requests, while a patron sits contemplatively, perhaps pondering the day or simply soaking in the vivid, convivial atmosphere. The scene is a tapestry of color and light, inviting and electric, promising a warm welcome to all who enter.
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Gallery Art Bar will be hosting a special night every week to benefit all of the service industry who take care of the rest of us when we’re out on the town. Industry Tuesdays carves out a space for the hospitality and entertainment sectors to unwind and network from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Tuesday night. Emulating the spirit of major cities, Industry Tuesdays cater to those who serve the community, offering a night of appreciation with an array of discounts and performances. The initiative extends beyond the hospitality realm to embrace all facets of the nightlife and entertainment industry, recognizing the silent heroes from bartenders to musicians, and even the media personnel capturing these moments. See the full list of eligible industry professionals on the Gallery Art Bar event page on Facebook.

The ethos behind Industry Tuesdays is to create a nexus for networking, collaboration, and celebration. Specials include discounts on draft beers, cheap shots of Malört, and an eclectic mix of cocktails and beers, alongside a welcoming policy for outside food, with nearby Encanto Restaurant and Bar offering a Taco Tuesday special. For those looking to showcase their talents, opportunities abound, with a simple email, opening the doors to a stage ready to highlight the diverse skills of Champaign-Urbana’s creative community. It’s not just an evening of discounts and drinks; it’s an initiative to pour back into the community, honoring those who make our daily and nightly experiences richer and more vibrant. Industry Tuesdays are set to reflect the enduring spirit and sense of community among those who enhance our daily experiences through their service.

Industry Tuesdays
Gallery Art Bar
119 W Main St
Tu, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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