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Get there early for a “new to you” cheap instrument sale

On a table with a bright patterned tablecloth sites a clarinet in its open case, a guitar is leaning on the table, there is a guitar case in back, there are two violins, an electronic keyboard and an all white accordian.
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The 4th Annual Cheap Instrument Sale, happening on May 12th at Rose Bowl Tavern, offers a quiet opportunity for musicians and enthusiasts to explore a variety of used instruments and music gear. This event, hosted by the Community Center for the Arts, is a simple affair where each item is priced to sell, attracting those looking to perhaps start their musical journey or add to their collection. Alongside musical treasures, there’s also raw, unpasteurized honey available for those interested. The instruments for sale are known to move quickly, with items often gone within the first hour, so early attendance is recommended. Additionally, the Community Center for the Arts provides a thoughtful avenue for those looking to rehome their own instruments, accepting donations every Saturday in April. This event not only facilitates the acquisition of musical instruments at a lower cost but also fosters a sense of community and sustainability among local musicians and music lovers. It’s a quiet celebration of music’s ongoing journey from one hand to another, nurturing our musical landscape with each instrument sold.

4th Annual Cheap Instrument Sale
Rose Bowl Tavern
106 N Race St
Su May 12th, 11 a.m.
Free to attend

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