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Get Baldarotta’s sandos at Memorial Stadium this football season

For all seven home games, Memorial Stadium will be more delicious: Baldarotta’s will be serving their porketta and Sicilian sausage sandwiches.

Peep these photos of some sandwiches from Baldarotta’s Porketta and Silician Sausage.

A cold cut Capo sandwich from Baldarotta's in Urbana is sliced in half and held side by side to reveal the veggies and sliced meat inside. Photo from Baldarotta's Facebook page.Photo from Baldarotta’s Facebook page.

A thin sandwich on white bread has cheese oozing out from it. Photo by Zoe Valentine.Photo by Zoe Valentine.

On a white circular plate, there is an Italian beef sliced in half with cheese stringing between the halves of the sandwich. Photo by Patrick Singer.Photo by Patrick Singer.

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Top image from Baldarotta’s Facebook page.

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