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Get up to date on the latest Unit 4 building projects

Unit 4 has updated their website featuring all of the current building project information and timelines to make it a bit more user-friendly. If you haven’t noticed just from driving around town, things are definitely rolling on construction at multiple schools, so it’s a great time to check in on what’s happening. 

From the press release:

“The Building Projects website was always intended to be a one-stop-shop for news and updates about the construction program but we frequently heard concerns that it was difficult to navigate,” said Board of Education President Chris Kloeppel.  “The website has been enhanced with a streamlined navigation system, a user-friendly homepage and a special section for road closures and service disruptions. We believe these changes will allow people to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.”

The site will still offer the opportunity to submit questions, as well as the option to sign up for email updates. 

The district has been consistently hosting info nights and open houses, and the next one is coming up May 8th at Edison Middle School from 5:30 to 7 p.m. There you can find out more about upcoming renovations. 

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