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Ginger bath

I’ve been sick with a wicked sore throat for 5 days. I’ve eaten enough popsicles to last 3 childhood summers. By the third day, I was willing to try just about anything.

My massage therapist, Sara Curtis, suggested a ginger bath. Sara said it opens the pores and lets you sweat out the toxins. She really knows her stuff, so I decided to go for it. Sara went to Common Ground Food Co-op and got me some ginger root.

“Slice or grate the ginger into the bath and put some cheese cloth over the drain,” Sara said. “As hot as you can stand it.” I sliced up the ginger into a flour sack towel and pinched the top off with a couple of hair ties. Worked like a charm.

The ginger bath, guys. Try it, even if you’re not sick. It makes your skin smell awesome.

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