Smile Politely

Happytails, happy dog… on Happy Tuesday

Each week the Champaign Downtown Association presents Happy Tuesdays. For the upcoming promotion, we thought we’d include the canines. We love ’em, and here’s a special shout out to the ones we’ve become friends with in the past 10 months: Bella the weimaraner, Riley the boston, Molly the shitz, Pepper the lhasa and a cuter-than-we-can-describe Frenchie Bulldog (name escapes us right now… anyone?).

So, here’s what we’re doing: on Tuesday September 8, B. Lime is open 11-8 p.m. for the “Doin’ It Downtown” event hosted by Pulse Mag in conjunction with “Happy Tuesday.” We have FREE Samples to give out while supplies last of our Happytails Bubbles ‘n Beads dog shampoo that day. It’s a line we recently added to our pet department, and we think you’ll like them.


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