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Have you seen the new Sky Gallery billboards yet?

Billboard by Kennan Daily features 3 red and black up close overlapping portraits of iconic Black figures. In the center is Harriet Tubman, on the right is Malcolm X, and on the left is Angela Davis
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Driving around town, you may have noticed some new billboards featuring striking artwork. The new collection of nine billboards are part of Sky Gallery, a project by 40 North 88 West. The selected artists each have their work displayed on 10′ x 30′ billboards that will move to various locations throughout Champaign-Urbana during the next year.

Peg Shaw's "Someone's Child". A series of black and white photographs of children taken from behind. Yellow wings lay over some of the images.
40 North 88 West on Facebook

The type of art displayed on the billboards is quite diverse. Rebirth XV by Keenan Dailey (the top photo) features red and black painted portraits of prominent Black activists Angela Davis, Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X. Other billboards are more abstract in nature, some feature photography, and one is even made from a digital collage of vintage comics — Will Arnold’s And I Forgive You.

"And I forgive you" by Will Arnold. the billboard is a four color Risograph print made from a digital collage of vintage comics
40 North 88 West on Facebook

Information about all of the billboards can be found on the 40 North 88 West Facebook page.

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