If you're kind of intrigued by the new Lodgic Everyday Community, which opened back in September, but aren't quite sure if what they have to offer is the right fit for you, Free Coworking Friday might be a good thing for you to check out.

From their Facebook event:

Join us at Lodgic's new Workplace for our #freefridaycoworking days! Everyone in the community is welcome to come in and try out our coworking space. We offer 9 distinct coworking zones, so whether you're a solitary-style worker or you like that coffeeshop hum of noise, we have a space for you. Our workplace hosts will be available to help you get acclimated to the space, answer questions you may have, and provide tours of our other community spaces (Kids Camp, Everyday Kitchen, and Clever Moose Café). You can grab a smoothie at Clever Moose Champaign or have lunch at Everyday Kitchen Champaign. Invite a friend, meet your local coworking 'colleagues', and get some work done in our inviting, energizing space.

Seems like a great opportunity to see if Lodgic is a good match for your work needs before you jump in and pay for a membership. They happen every Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Lodgic Everyday Community
1807 S. Neil Street

Photo by Patrick Singer