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Here is the first burger that La Royale ever fired and sold

La Royale, the new burger joint inside of Broadway Food Hall in Urbana, gave people a small preview of what they might expect starting today when it officially opens for business. I was there when it opened, and this was literally the first burger ordered. I am proud of that, for some strange reason. 

This was part of a First Fridays, which gets better all the time at the direction of Kristin Walter’s Imbibe Urbana project. It was part of something called the EPIC BURGER BATTLE and featured two specialty burgers: A chili cheese and, the one that I chose: a nacho cheese burger, smothered in the familiar bright orange sauce, drizzled with crema and topped with jalapeños. It was $10.00 + tax.

It was good, and messy, and certainly yummy. It is not the sort of burger that I’d ever order, however, in that I am a griddle burger purist: thinly formed patties with melted cheese, raw onion, mustard, pickle, soft bun. 

I want to be able to bite the burger without stretching my mouth wider than it can open. I want to be able to taste the burger and the cheese. I want complimentary elements, not toppings that will dismantle the star of the show. 

Regardless, people love specialty burgers, and this one was a good one. The fries were, sadly, pretty basic and served up lukewarm, so hoping that will change once they get their bearings. Then again, they are not listed on the menu, so they might not even be serving them? 

Said menu, however, seems to indicate that La Royale will be more of a diner style burger, simple and basic, and cheap as all get up. My type of thing. So, I am not sure if this was a preview as much as it was just a fun way to kick things off, but regardless, I am looking forward to trying the bill of fare once it opens today. 

That Steak & Eggs has potential, of course. The question is: how well can they prepare a T-Bone steak, assuming it’s not at least a full 16 ounce, which is where it should be, if we’re going to do it the right way and get it the necessary and vital crust that it deserves, and keep it medium to medium rare. 

I am ready to be amazed though. The place looks spectacular. 

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