Smile Politely

Here’s a three minute recap of Boneyard Arts Festival 2023

Two square panels are side by side on a white gallery wall. The have various colored dots on top of various rectangular color blocks.
Kelly Hieronymus-Whiting, Mooney No. 20 [42.04795° N, 98.15426° W], paper and gouache on panel, 2022; Kelly Hieronymus-Whiting, Mooney No. 22, [42.22664° N, 103.12149° W], paper and gouache on panel, 2022; Julie McClure

If you missed the Boneyard Arts Festival this year, you can check out this three minute video and recaps much of the event. There was a whole heck of a lot of stuff happening for three days in mid-April; read our recap for our editors’ takes


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